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What trends will dominate 2022 . Ask to the CEO of UPS

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By American ESG Group

Jan 11, 2022

ESG and Digital Fluency are two terms that will dominate 2022, warned Carol B. Tomé, CEO of UPS

ESG, the acronym for Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, in which companies must invest in the spirit of caring for their environment and their long-term direction.

In the case of this courier company, the switch to zero carbon emissions committed it to change part of its air fleet. Electric planes will replace traditional trucks and planes on short shipping lanes as early as 2024, the UPS CEO said this Tuesday, in the context of a video conference hosted by the US Chamber of Commerce.

“ESG is not a fad; it is here to stay. And the implications of that really will impact capital allocation,” Tomé said. “If you think about the commitments that companies like UPS have made to be carbon neutral, we’re going to need to invest to make that happen. But I believe that if you take care of the needs of all the stakeholders, the shareholders will be taken care of”, declared Tomé.

Regarding Digital Fluency, she warned that those who do not know about digital terms and systems will most likely fail as of this year, considering that the most important innovation happens in that area.

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