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No one can stop it

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By American ESG Group Staff

Dec 6, 2021

In November 2021, the United Nations COP 26 took place in Glasgow, United Kingdom, "yet another meeting" within the "boring" UN agenda about caring for the environment.

But given what the largest companies announce every day, this meeting seems to have triggered changes that people have not seen in history...

Take a look at what your iPhone maker announced in October and that will help you understand the relevance of the matter.

Apple announced that it has more than doubled the number of suppliers in its supply chain committed to using 100% clean energy, accelerating progress towards its ambitious 2030 goal of being a carbon neutral emitter throughout its supply chain and products.

Are you in that supply chain? Are you sure?

What will become of the workers of Foxconn, a gigantic company from Taiwan, which set up operations in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico? Will it be on Apple's list? What will happen to Foxconn's suppliers, who are in the supply chain of the California company that Tim Cook runs?

Today, companies that want to sell to the world's largest manufacturing companies must comply with environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) standards.

It happens that the most prepared people are already warning about a deterioration of the ecosystems that is undeniable and must stop, and the UN has called everyone to account this year in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Is it fair that the most developed countries push other economies to clean up the world that mainly dirty China and the United States? Doesn't seem to be the discussion, anymore. Less, when countries like Mexico depend so much on their neighbor to the north.

The world changes at the speed of an electron.

We know the case of a powerful gas station operator, who is looking at how to serve those who need electric stations. At the same time, the Madrid-based Acciona responded in this way to those who still doubt the advancement of electric cars: it announced the purchase of Cargacoches, a company dedicated to the installation and management of charging points for electric vehicles in Spain.

It will invest to go from 450 to 25,000 loading points in Iberian territory. It promises a grid with 100% renewable energy and free of emissions.

The impact that comes by way of the acronym ESG, nobody will be able to stop it.

ESG logo 3 White.png
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